1242 is a dangerous time to be a Cainite. The War of Princes is heating up, and skirmishes between cities are becoming increasingly common. In Iberia, clans Lasombra and Brujah war against themselves in the Shadow Reconquista. In the British Isles, battles between the Baronies of Avalon and the anarchic courts of Ireland and Scotland continue to burn. In Gaul, free states in the southern part of the country flout the rule of the Courts of Love.

The Fiefs of the Black Cross press against the Anda and pagan Cainites near the borders of Russia, and they also continue their alliance with the Tremere in the Omen War against the Tzimisce. Grand Constantinople has fallen, reducing the Balkans to anarchic petty kingdoms fighting over scraps of the former empire. Meanwhile, the Ashirra press into the region. And no one knows when the Mongol hordes and their Anda overlords will launch the next series of conquests.

Amidst it all, young Cainites, tired of being sacrificed in the War of Ages, have started throwing off the yokes of their masters. In Tzimisce lands, they call themselves Sabbats, and they may have discovered a ritual that allows them to remove the blood oath. In Iberia, they call themselves Anarchs. Pockets of other neonates have sprung up all over Europe, going by many names, seeking to destroy all of Cainite society. In fear, many elders force their childer to submit to the blood oath as a matter of course, but such tactics can backfire.

The city of Paris, capital of the Courts of Love, hopes to avoid the storm. The court has dictated customs for centuries with the Matriarch Salianna receiving dignitaries from all over the known world. With the new prince Geoffrey du Temple in place, the Toreador maintain the advantage in their alliance with the Ventrue. Having secured peace on two of the kingdom’s borders, the Courts of Love spend much of their energy bringing the southern part of the nation, the former Cathari heretics, back into the fold. All of it is possible because one Cainite, former prince and methuselah Alexander, was forced into exile. Most believe he plans to return to reclaim his throne. Such a coup could destroy the entire kingdom. As part of the alliance with Lord Mithras, our heroes enter the scene to prevent Alexander’s return.

Royaume des Morts is a game for V20 Dark Ages.

Royaume des Morts

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