Monsieur Onfroi du Blanc Écuyer

The White Knight in Shining Armour


Age: 30
Apparent Age: 25
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: French
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7th
Demeanor: Praise-Seeker
Morality: Road Of Kings
Sire: Lady Grazia

His face is pleasant except when he become menacing, thus it becomes ugly and cruel. His pale complexion, a hallmark of his lineage, earned him the name du Blanc. He wears stylish clothes or with fancy armour, a practice he started after a half hearted assassination attempt. Over this he typically wears an ermine lined coat, an extravagant holdover from his family’s past.


Onfroi, was the Duke of Orleans’ cousin. If the Duke had died, along with 10 or so other people, he would have had a chance at the title. Since this was unlikely, doubly so since Onfroi had no money, he was unlikely to gain much of any title. Onfroi’s parents were courtly socialites the same as Onfroi. They squandered their money, his mother on gambling, his father on women and wine. Despite bad parenting, they did keep to the tradition of sending noble boys off to be taught the martial arts. Onfroi became a competent dualist and jouster, taking to it because the ladies liked it. Dashing as he was, Onfroi was unlikable once you get to know him and his options started to dry up in Orleans, so he went to the court in Paris. While there he caught the eye of Lady Grazia who seemed to have a hidden power in the court. She seemed wizened beyond her age, and Onfroi was refreshing to her. It wasn’t long until she fell in love with him, and he let her fall in love. He became blood bound to her though sexual acts and her infatuation for him blinded her to the truth. Onfroi had only seen her as a means to patronage, but his blood bond fooled both into thinking that what they had was truly love in reciprocity. Obsessed with Onfroi, Grazia deluded herself to think she wanted him with her forever, and since the Prince had just given her an opportunity to sire, she decided to take Onfroi as her childe.
That night was full of bad omens. The moon was red as blood, thunderstorms crashed in the distance, and the Seine was dark and turbulent. Dark spells and strange incantations happened that night. Ancient evils squirmed and seers moaned forlorn prophesies. She ignored the weather, for it was only weather, and went ahead with giving her beloved the gift. He took to it well, but she could tell something was wrong. Somehow the blood bond was broken, and without thinking he turned to her and said his first words as a vampire, “I do not love you.” Furious and heartbroken she fled in embarrassment, leaving him with no idea what to do next. After a poor attempt at feeding, Grazia’s sire Lady Valentina tracked down Onfroi. Lady Valentina felt sorrow for her childe’s mistaken love, took responsibility for Onfroi and upon herself to teach him as a sire would. He impressed her with his abilities and his loyalty, finding much worth in him, and he thought of her as the responsible parent he never had. As a vampire and trusted servant he had started to grow out of the ne’er do well he once was, and started to become a respected member of Parisian Cainite society.

Monsieur Onfroi du Blanc Écuyer

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