Sir Kalman du Ponte

Leader of the Leper Knights


Age: 562
Apparent Age: ?
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Race: ?
Nationality: Frankish
Hair: None
Eyes: White and without pupils
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 6th
Demeanor: Competitor
Morality: Road of Humanity


Sir Kalman has lead the Leper Knights of Paris since returning from the First Crusade in the early 12th century. Since then, he has fought enough duels and participated in enough skirmishes that everyone knows his strength. However, Kalman does his best to avoid conflict unless it is the only option left. He spends much of his time procuring goods for the leper colony and aiding other unfortunates in the city.

Sir Kalman du Ponte

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