New Weapons

In addition to the weapons from the core rules, the following weapons can be found in medieval Paris.

Rondel Dagger

Designed for stabbing downward from the shoulder. Str+1L damage



Short Sword

Common among archers and crossbowmen. Str+2L damage




Common among mercenaries. Str+2L damage



Langes Messer

Common among German mercenaries. Str+2L damage




Rare, used by those who want to intimidate. Str+3L damage – two handed


Grosse Messer

Common among German mercenaries. Str+4L damage – two handed


Common among Arabian and North African warriors. Str+2L damage






A Persian weapon. Str+2L damage


A common Turkish weapon. Str+2L damage





Composite Bow

Common in Eastern Europe and throughout Muslim lands. 3L damage, 90 yds. range, Conceal L, Min. Str. 3, Armor Piercing 3

Ox Tail Saber

A Mongolian weapon. Str+2L damage





Seme Sword

Common in Eastern Africa. Str+2L damage





A throwing weapon common in sub-Saharan Africa. Str+1L damage





Common in India. Str+2L damage





Common in India and used in pairs. Str+1L damage

New Weapons

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