Long blonde hair
Striking mesmerizing blue eyes
Pale white skin
5 feet tall
110 pounds
Expert with a crossbow


She was raised by a single father who was a vampire hunter, he taught her everything she needed to know about vampires. One night while she was out hunting a vampire got the drop on her and embraced her. She gave up the life of vampire hunting and lived on her own for a while. One day she ran into an old flame of hers, a Brujah by the name of Cassiel and they fell in love. She later joined a faction for archers that called themselves the Hounds. Her and Cassiel formed their own pack and the rest is history. However, she will not feed from children because a vampire fed from her younger sister who was just 5 years old and killed her. When she was embraced she promised herself that no matter what she will not put anyone else through that pain. Losing her younger sister is what drove her father to become a hunter.


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