Character Creation

Character history, current predicament

All the characters have been brought together to serve Lord Mithras of London. He wishes to aid Salianna to stop former Prince Alexander from returning to Paris, and the coterie has been tasked with discovering who in Paris is working to prepare for Alexander's return, stop them, and possibly bring a more permanent end to Alexander himself. Their investigative tasks must by made secret, however, and so the party officially functions as a delegation serving the Baronies of Avalon.

Concept, Clan, Nature, and Demeanor

Any concept appropriate to mid-13th century Paris (including those who've moved from afar) works. Characters may also hail from any of the 13 major clans or be Caitiff. Players may choose from any Nature or Demeanor from the book or may work with me to create a new one.

In Parisian society, the following clans are considered High Clans and are afforded the most respect:

  • Toreador
  • Ventrue
  • Lasombra
  • Cappadocian
  • Brujah

The Tzimisce are grudgingly considered a High Clan, but they still do not get the same respect as the others because of tales of their foul predilections.

In addition, Tremere from House Goratrix are afforded some respect in the city—not quite as equals, but certainly as high-ranking servants.

The Low Clans are as follows:

  • Assamite
  • Caitiff
  • Followers of Set
  • Gangrel
  • Malkavian
  • Nosferatu
  • Ravnos
  • Tremere


All four starting dots in disciplines must be put into the character's clan disciplines (Freebie points may be used to begin play with out-of-clan disciplines).


Players are encouraged to work with each other during character creation to pool character backgrounds both to bind the PCs together and to share the wealth. To do so, players first choose one Background to be the anchor and everyone decides how many (if any) dots to contribute. Other Backgrounds may also be pooled together, but none may have more combined dots in them than the anchor Background.

Since the party will be making official negotiations with some of the most powerful vampires in Europe, it would be beneficial for at least one PC to have a status of 1 (knight) or higher.


A character may begin play with up to five retainers, but only one retainer at a time may accompany the PC during the night (unless the court of Paris goes to war with another fief). A retainer may be a human, animal, or ghoul. Some clans have additional options noted below:

  • Cappadocians may also have zombie retainers.
  • Tremere may also have homunculus and/or gargoyle animal retainers.
  • Tzimisce may also have revenant (essentially half-vampire) retainers.


Characters may begin play on Roads other than Humanity. Players may choose from the following Roads:

  • Road of the Beast (except Path of Journeys)
  • Road of Heaven (Note: The level 1 sin on the Path of Christ has been moved to number 7, so the sins ranked 7 and below each move down a slot.)
  • Road of Humanity
  • Road of Kings
  • Road of Metamorphosis
  • Road of Sin
  • Path of the Eightfold Wheel
  • Path of the Watchful Gods
  • Road of Bones

Blood Pool

Characters begin play with as many blood points filled as allowed by their generation ratings.

Merits and Flaws

Characters are not allowed to begin play with more than seven points of flaws.  The following merit is disallowed:

  • Clan Apostate (2 point supernatural merit)

The following new merit is available:

  • Faction member (1 point social merit): The character belongs to one of the prominent factions in Paris and may call upon other members of the group to freely share information or to provide minor favors. However, the PC may be called upon to act on behalf of the faction, as well. Factions include:

    • The Leper Knights—The PC must be a Nosferatu
    • The Carthaginians
    • The Knights of the Rose—The PC must belong to a high clan
    • The Parish of Saint Jude
    • The Rat Catcher Guild
    • The Hounds—The PC must take the 2 point social flaw Blood Bound and begin play bound to Amoux.
    • The Order of Bitter Ashes—The PC must be on the Road of Heaven or the Road of Humanity.

Character Creation

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