Feeding from animals
You can survive from the blood of animals, but it is not satisfying. If you feed only or mostly from animals, you suffer from hunger (and the possibility of frenzy) when you are down to (9 minus your Self-Control score) points instead of (7 minus your Self-Control score) blood points as per normal. Cainites with fewer than four dots in their Road scores cannot feed from animals. They gain no sustenance.

Feeding from humans
Nothing special. A human holds ten blood points. Up to two points may be taken without any danger. Three may be taken, but the victim is likely to fall unconscious. He or she will wake up fine after a few hours. Four or five may be taken, but the victim is likely to die from blood loss. If six or more are taken, the victim is sure to die. But, you are a monster…

Feeding from Cainites
The blood of other vampires is heady, but drinking it can result in the blood bond. Committing Amaranth (also known as Diablerie) by drinking another Cainite's heart's blood (allegedly drinking the very soul of the victim) is both thrilling and addictive. If the victim is of lower generation than the victor, the victor may become a generation lower (and thus more powerful). Diablerists are easily detected with Auspex, however, and so those who commit the crime must avoid the powers that be. Rumor has it that those who commit Amaranth on ancient fiends or vampires of especially strong will become possessed by their former victims.

Feeding from Lupines
Rumor has it that those who feed from Lupines (werewolves) gain additional strength and speed (Potence and Celerity) for a limited time. They may also develop the lunacy derangement. This risk may increase if feeding from Lupines becomes a habit.

Feeding from the Fey
Rumor has it that feeding from the fey can grant one special insight (Auspex) into the nature of the world and may also allow one to go out in the sunlight briefly. It is also said that those who feed from the fey go mad.

Feeding from Mages
Rumor has it that feeding from Mages may grant one the ability the shape reality (Thaumaturgy) or at least the image of reality (Chimerstry). The Tremere have been very vocal that this is not the case. They also warn others that many Mages are interested in studying the blood of Cainites and may actively hunt vampires.

Feeding from the faithful
Everyone knows that feeding from those with True Faith leads to a horrible death within seconds. Rumors persist, though, that truly penitent Cainites who follow the Road of Heaven or the Road of Humanity may regain their souls and become human again by drinking from a freely consenting human with True Faith.


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